Outbound Caller ID Name

I am having issues with using the & symbol in outbound caller id. I have even tried escaping the character with \ with no luck. Also I find I have to include a +1 in front of the number otherwise it adds 001 and messes up the callerid number on my sip provider end. I have verified that the info received from the provider does not include the & symbol, but I do see it in the extensions config. Any ideas?

You probably want to use ‘&’ in your Caller ID name. Literally ampersand, the letters a, m, and p, and then a semicolon. Depending on how your provider parses that, you may need to mess around with escaping things. I would use the word ‘and’, honestly 8)

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Hi thanks for the reply. I’ve tried using '& amp ; ’ (without spaces) but the call fails because of formatting. It’s weird, I’ve use the & symbol previous with no issues.

After further testing, it’s definately on my providers side. I tried from a fresh Asterisk install with same results.

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