Outbound call via pjsip - incorrect caller id

I’ve set pjsip logger on. The contents of the log file for an example call are here:

The caller id is coming out as +462554 rther than the 441827… number.

Looking at the trace I see USEROUTCID being set correctly but somewhere it must get overwritten.

Can someone please assist me in where I am going wrong.

I am setting the number in the Freepbx GUI: trunk Outbound caller id as <0044, etc>

Thank you.

Diamondcard has a non-standard way of sending caller ID. See

Possibly, they accept standard ways also. For the trunk in question, try the various options for Send RPID/PAI and with luck one will work.

Otherwise, try setting your caller name as they specify. Note that if you want to pass caller ID dynamically (on a forwarded call, show number of original caller), this option will require some custom dial plan code.

I’m curious why you chose Diamondcard, given that there are many fine UK providers, most of which have far lower rates and much better support. For example, for the EE number shown in your log, Voxbeam (on Platinum route) charges $0.0078/min., vs. $0.024/min. for Diamondcard. To Tamworth fixed, VB is only $0.0049.

Thanks Stewart. I’ve been using Diamondcard for many years so just stuck with them. Used to use just the VOIP phone then a full pbx. I do find their config a bit of a dark art so perhaps time to change and for the rates. I’ll give VB a go. Thanks for the advise.

I’m not necessarily recommending them for your system. They are on mine, so it was easy to mention their rates. You need a static IP, which your Sky account may not have. Also, they may not offer GBP accounts. Their Localphone brand does (and doesn’t need static IP), but rates are higher; 0.5p to landline and 1.5p to mobile. However, they offer a 2-channel DID for £0.75/mo. with no charge for incoming calls (though with a surcharge for more than 100 calls daily). But look around, there are many UK based providers.

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