Outbound call reporting recommendation?

Can anyone recommend a package that can report on both outbound and inbound calls?

Most of our customers are more interested in outbound calls than inbound, as most of them want to report on the use of phones for sales. Some are even running sales call centres. Most receive few calls but make a great deal.

Asternic appears to be great but in it’s FAQs does imply that it’s focus is on incoming calls and that you have to do some tweaking to make it work with outgoing calls.

QueueMetrics appears to be great but really is too expensive for all but a few of of our clients, and the ones that could afford it, or are interested in it, already have some form of campaign dialing.

CDR Stats doesn’t have the level of agent/dept reporting that we would want and appears to be more focused on alerting of black listed numbers, reporting on destinations.

Really we want to be able to define groups of extensions (ie departments within the company) and reporting on the outgoing (and incoming) calls for those groups as well as the usual abilities to focus on time ranges, specific extensions and the like.

Any suggestions?


In this as well.

would liek to hear a suggestion as well…outbound call reporting anyone? even some of the major tools do a poor job of outbound call voume summaries…TIA!!