Outbound call recording only works sometimes

Hi there, wondering if anyone can help.

I have a telephone system installed in a call centre, who is a customer of ours. They need all their calls to be recorded. I have set the extensions to always record on outbound or inbound. However, on all the phones they don’t record outgoing unless it goes to voicemail, the record of the call is there though.
Calls are recorded in their default location, have given permission to asterisk.
In the asterisk log files there is a very very substantial reoccurrence of this error:

[Dec 6 14:31:47] WARNING[7870] translate.c: No translator path from alaw to unknown

If anyone could help I would be most greatful

Thanks in advance


Hi there, thanks for helping.
Checked the permissions, they are fine.
Settings on the system are also fine.

I’ve done a bit more trial and error into it.

On yealink phones, calls don’t record on outgoing (which is what is actually needed) unless it goes to voicemail, otherwise it does nothing.

On x-lite softphone on my laptop, the calls record fine outgoing. So it can’t be a problem with the system, must be something with the phones.

All incoming calls are recorded fine, no issues at all

Quite a strange one, still getting lots of occurances of the alaw to unknown error

Make sure the permissions are correct on the file location.
You said: 'call recording only works sometimes’
Maybe the maximum file size has been reached.
You can make it larger but there is always a limit.
Let me know what happens.