Outbound call limit, I need simultaneous calls how to?


I need to control the number of simultaneous calls an outboud route can handle.

Example :

The limit on my trunk is 10 channels.
Branch office 1 can use a maximum of 2 channels with the limit on the outbound route.
Branch office 2 can use maximum 3 channels with the limit on the outbound route.
Branch office 3 can use maximum 3 channels with the limit on the outbound route.

How can I do that ??

Define 3 trunks with Maximum Channels set appropriately, all using the same provider credentials. If you are using registration, only one should register.

Then, define 3 outbound routes pointing at the corresponding trunk. Each match pattern should have a pattern in the CallerID field that matches the range of extension numbers used by the corresponding branch office.

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There is a commercial module Outbound Call Limiting, I have never used it and not sure if it fits your needs, but worth looking at… https://wiki.freepbx.org/display/FPG/Outbound+Call+Limiting-Admin+Guide

I would use @Stewart1’s approach a little different tho.

Use a primary Trunk, let’s say you named it “PrimaryTrunk”
Then create 3 custom trunks, set the channel limit and set the dial string to something like:



PJSIP/[email protected]

Then set each outbound route to a dial pattrans to look for the extension CID and connect it to one of the 3 Trunks.

I have not tested this.

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Thank you for the reply !

Outbound Call Limiting does not work for me.

But I love your idea, I will try it that way and keep you posted.

I would go with @PitzKey’s idea. Keep the single normal trunk to your provider with its limit of 10 and make the custom trunks that have the smaller limits.

But Is your provider limiting you to 10 channels total or 10 outbound? Because if it is 10 total, then your imposed limits are meaningless if you have more than 2 inbound calls.


The idea from @PitzKey work fine ! Thank you !

@sorvani this trunk is only used for outbound, so this is not an issue :slight_smile:

Problem solved !!


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