Outbound call issue "the number you are calling is not answering"

Hello, I am having an issue with my Ops Manager’s remote VPN phone at her house (Yealink T53w with OpenVPN cert). When she attempts to call someone here at the office by dialing the full number, we can see her calling but when we pick up the phone it’s just dead silence on our end. She hears an automated message on her end that says, “the number you are calling is not answering”. If she tries calling by dialing only the extension number, the call connects without any issues. I’m stumped on this one as I haven’t made any changes to our FreePBX system so I’m not sure what would cause this to randomly happen. She said in the past she hasn’t had any issues by dialing the full number of someone at the office. The issue only seems to be when she tries to call someone at our office by dialing the full number. The work-around for now is to have her call us via our four-digit extensions.

Why would you not simply dial an extensions as the default for inter-office calls? Especially if your are paying for your SIP on a metered account.

That said, for someone to help you’ll need to post logs or a pcap of a call that produces the error.

You could provide a ‘loop-back’ trunk for such numbers,

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