Outbound Call Groups based on Extension

Hi there,
I am trying to find a way to make certain extensions able to dial out all outbound routes but others can only access certain ones.
For example:
Extensions 1001, 1002, 1003 are all managers and need to be able to dial international numbers.
Extensions 1004 through to 1025 are general workers that only need to dial local numbers and mobiles.

In outbound routes i have made routes for Local, Interstate, International, Mobile and a few others.

I want 1001, 1002 and 1003 to be able to dial out from all of these, but the rest only able to use Local and Mobile.

In the Key Systems i used to use, you could make a “station” part of a callgroup and could assign limitiations on that callgroup.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance…

Outbound routes can be selected based on extension CID.

You can also create a custom context that disconnects on certain digit patterns then passes control back to from-internal. That code is standard Asterisk extension language and goes in /etc/asterisk/extensions_custom.conf. The extensions can be placed in the custom context using the context field.

Hi Skyking,
I am lost as far as the custom context but have found that you can add the CID of the extension onto the end of the dial plan box. (Using latest version of FreePBX all updated).
This works great for a single extension. How do i add either multiple extensions into here or bunch the extensions into membership of an outbound call “group” so i can add that number into the box.

If i change the CID Alias on the Extension then that will mean internal calls will show as wrong user so that is no good.

Simplest way i can see of doing this would be either:

  1. Allow multiple Caller ID’s to be included in the dial pattern
  2. (the way that makes more sense) allow extensions to become part of an outbound group (say numbered 8000) and then include the 8000 group to be able to have access to the trunk.

Does this make sense ???

Yes, it makes sense, you can put a range of CID’s in. I forgot if it’s just patterns or if you have to put the underscore in front, IE 2XX or _2XX

It’s one of the other.

that is a powerful tool …
just having a slight problem allowing paging, but i get around that by using a misc app to dial the page group.

Will look into adding multiple extensions in the dialplan as well as this would be good for a “simple” setup.

Thanks for getting back to me so fast as well… was out today …