Outbound call concurrency limits - how to set for all?

Outbound call concurrency limits is an excellent feature, something i think we can all agree we have been waiting for a long time and its absolutely amazing.

I have one question, if one already has had a PBX server with many extensions is there a setting or an easy wait to set this Outbound call concurrency limits for all existing extensions?

Look at the bulk extension module. It has an “edit” function.

I agree, cityguru, that this is a great “security” feature as the hint in FreePBX implies (“Very useful as a Security Protection against a system that has been compromised. It will limit the number of simultaneous calls that can be made on the compromised extension.”) It would be wonderful if we could get the default changed from “no limit” to something less dangerous (ie 4?). I think there is a place to request something like that on this website. In the meantime, my first thought was that it surely had to be in the Bulk Extension module. I entered my desired number (2) on a couple of extensions just to have a marker in my exported result. Unfortunately, there is no column for this field. It jumps from Ring Time straight to Call Waiting. Nor do my entries show up in any other columns. There are many others not included as well. But, I suppose it wouldn’t be realistic to include everything in this file. I’ve resigned to enter them one by one for now. But, as I will eventually have 3000+ extensions in our environment, I am hoping this is something I might be able to set in our templates. I’ll keep you posted as any new info I discover pops up. :slight_smile:

Cityguru, I was able to find a setting in the Tools/Advanced Settings under Dialplan and Operational. You can set the Extension Concurrency Limit. Not sure if this changes the default setting for when new extensions are created. But, I’m assuming this setting will “override” whatever setting is in the individual extensions. (?)

I believe this value is only used as default for new extensions. I would go back and manually edit all old extensions. You can also set a system wide limit in your trunk settings (maximum channels)

Does anybody know where the “outbound concurrency limit” value is stored? Is in the SQL table or AstDB in FreePBX 2.9? I am copying our users from one system to another and the only problem we have is that the “outbound concurrency limit” is not copied over.

Bulk extensions would work great for this except the field is not there so it does not get updated. Is there any other way?

Never mind. I found it in AstDB.

It’s stored in the AMUSER AstDB record, example for extension 222:


you could easily make a script that set’s this using “asterisk -rx”

if 2.10 does not set it in bulk extensions, please file a ticket for that to be added.