Outage freepbx (after installing and activating freepbx cm queue reports (q xact) 25 year license)

dear community,

i have installed on 22.09.2021 the cm queue reports moduls. since that, the pbx hanging it seems weekly 2-3 times. i have screeshoted here where we can see that the machine is completely offline ( i cannot connect to the webinterface but have excluded my ip address from firewall).

can anybody helps me how to fix the problem?

thank you so much

Update from 16:47
Have disabled this module but still the same. i have moved the machine from “another provider” to vmware based fresh install (backup on old → restore on new machine).
2 GB RAM, 2 Core Processor and 50 GB HDD.

Can anybody helps me whats happened here? For me the problems are there since we have installed the module q axct.

thank you

Update from 06.10.2021, 09:10:
Cannot connect to the Webinterface and cannot login / logout in Queue when this issue take place.

i have shown on vmware all is good, and on webinterface also. where i can check also too?

can anybody helps me? or how i can check where the problem can be?

thank you

If you bought the module, open a support ticket at Sangoma…

EDIT: yet…you deactivated the module and the problem still persisted…

Thank you. I have added more ram and more cores, now all works fine. thank you for your help

one another question: how i can calculate how much cores / ram / space i need for a freepbx system? is there a basic-policy for that? thank you

No i mean 50GB HDD space.

sorry. thank you.

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