Out of office hours callout rota

Hi Guys,

First post here, thanks in advance for any help.

I have setup my first freepbx (and IP phone system) and all has gone well. The system has to main IVR’s, one for business hours and one for out of hours. We are a 24 hour company offering a maintenance service and we use an engineer callout rota to do so.

So far I have managed to setup the out of hours IVR to call a mobile number from one of the options, what I now need is to have a calendar based system so the mobile number can automatically charge to suit the on call engineer rota.

So my question is can I add more mobile numbers (my test one is added as a custom extension) to some sort of ring group or follow me that is associated to a calendar, so the correct mobile number is called dependent on the rota?

Thanks Again


This type of functionality is slated for future. One way of doing this now is to have your after hours agent’s mobile numbers in a queue which they then can use pause or queue login/out or UCP to control when they receive queue calls.