Out-of-Hours Call Forwarding


Currently, out-of-hours calls on our PBX go to voicemail (I have a time condition set up) but I’ve been told to have it forward calls to a specified mobile phone number during the weekend. I know how to set up another time condition but I know nothing about call forwarding (or even if it can actually do that - can it?)

Please help. Thanks. :slight_smile:

there are many ways to do it. 1. program the number to be forwarded to as a extension with a non-standand number so that people will not dial it by accident.

  1. you can create a ringgroup that contains the external number and have to go to that.

Many ways… Take a look at any one of the posts in the forum for configuring a Cell phone as extension or as a part of a ring group and they will give you the directions.

To expand on what fskrotzki said - see How to create a system-wide speed dial number

Thanks, works fine.