Our very own SkykingOH saves 4 lives

For anyone that missed this but skykingOH pulled 4 people out of a burning house at midnight in OH last night. The family was sound asleep and he had to climb through a window to to get the family to wake up.



Mild mannered forum member by day and life saving super hero by night. Way to go Skyking!!!

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My Hero.

Does he have a costume and a cool name? :slight_smile:

Those folks are lucky he was going by.
Nice work.

… NightHawk

I like it or NightOWL as he is up all night working always. We talk like 1-2AM as its the only time we ever have time to catchup.

Yeah, these late nights, and still a 9:30 meeting.

Anyway, the video is up. They recorded it in front of the office. You can see what I look like, always fun to put a face to name.

Wow so you are a real person and not some creeper living in your moms basement. Amazing. LOL

Good on ya Skyking