Oubound Calls - Invalid Extension

We are looking into a new phone system for our business. I have a small FreePBX system setup to test out the functionality before building out the full system. I had outbound calls working when I first setup the system. I honestly don’t know when it stopped working, but I did install a new Ubiqiti Edgerouter last week and moved our entire network over to a new ip range. My inbound routes are still working fine but my outbound route just hangs up as soon as I try to make a call and I get the following message in asterisk.

__[2017-02-08 09:11:58] WARNING[16052][C-000001b7]: pbx.c:6796 ast_pbx_run: Channel ‘SIP/912-00000077’ sent to invalid extension but no invalid handler: context,exten,priority=bad-number,s,1

I have cleared out all of my dial patterns and recreated them with the wizard. I am using a Twilio trunk for testing and when I had it working I was prepending a +1 on the outbound dial pattern to get everything in the correct format for them.

Edit - I forgot to include that if I setup a Find Me Follow to an outbound line, that will go through just fine. I just can’t pick up a phone and dial out. I have tried multiple soft phones and S500’s with the same result.

Found the solution to this issue.

Somehow all of my extensions got switched to blocked in the Outbound Route. Moving them over to the Allowed section got them working instantly.

Same thing happened to me. Did you by any chance install the Extension Routing Module in between Working and Not Working? I think maybe that module should come with a warning “Default setting when installed is to block all extensions. You have been warned.”