OSS EPM setting VLAN's (SPA504G)

I’m in the middle of setting up handsets with the OSS EPM. So far it’s going well and I’ve for everything working as I’d want, except for my VLAN configuration.
I’ve modified the $model.cfg template to be;
<!-- VLAN Settings --> <Enable_VLAN ua="rw">Yes</Enable_VLAN> <Enable_CDP ua="na">Yes</Enable_CDP> <Enable_LLDP-MED ua="na">Yes</Enable_LLDP-MED> <Network_Startup_Delay ua="na">3</Network_Startup_Delay> <VLAN_ID ua="rw">2</VLAN_ID> <PC_Port_VLAN_Highest_Priority ua="na">No Limit</PC_Port_VLAN_Highest_Priority> <!-- options: 0/1/2/3/4/5/6/7/No Limit --> <Enable_PC_Port_VLAN_Tagging ua="na">No</Enable_PC_Port_VLAN_Tagging> <PC_Port_VLAN_ID ua="na">1</PC_Port_VLAN_ID>

My understanding of the boot process (and what should be happening) is as follows;

  1. First boot on native VLAN, fetches configuration using option 160.
  2. Reboot on VLAN2 as per configuration, and configure device
    The devices are booting and retrieving configuration, but staying on the native VLAN.

Should I be instead using option 160 on native VLAN to give a very stripped spa504G.cfg with just VLAN settings, and then once it reboots on the correct VLAN pick up the configuration from EPM?