OSS EPM Reboot

Hi all,

I have two phones on a system I’m configuring for a client. OSS sees the phones, but when I send a reboot command, the phones just sit there and laugh at me. Am I missing something here?

One thing you are missing is telling us what brand and model of phones you are using?

Oops. One is a Polycom 650 and the other is a 330, although I’m having some troubles getting the 330 to register. I also have a Cisco 7690, but it appears to be locked up tighter than a drum.

I believe reboot from the EPM is a SIP command - they have to be registered to hear the command to reboot - so an unconfigured phone is not controllable until it has “come into the fold” and then you can start romping on it.

Ahh. Thank you. My thought was if I could reboot a bunch of phones that were registered to a different system. Here’s the scenario: I’m replacing an existing asterisk system because the client is giving the boot to the old IT guy. Client had me build a new machine from scratch. My plan was to set Option 66 in the router (if it’s not there already) and get my TFTP server up and all the other stuff running (I know I’m missing something here), then find all the phones on the network and throw a mass reboot command. I might be dreaming big here, but hey, dreams can come true. Oh, and did I mention this is my very first asterisk system and I’m running 53 phones? I’m a 29 year phone guy and I’ve dealt with a lot, but most of my IP work is on SIP trunks and proprietary IP/hybrid systems. Asterisk is new to me.