OSS Endpoint manager

Does anyone have the sangoma phones configuration files set-up in CCS endpoint manager? My Sangoma PBX died on me when we had a power cut so I am using a raspberry pi as a temporary PBX but I want a slicker way to connect the sangoma phones I have.
Could i run a script as an alternative to the endpoint manager if know one has written a sangoma template for OSS? If so how, assume i know nothing.

If the provisioning server is inaccessible, most phones will use the most recent config. So, if the pi has the same IP address and ports as the failed PBX, I’d expect it to just work. What goes wrong?

Which Sangoma phones are you using? OSS EPM doesn’t get much love anymore, and licensing Sangoma commercial modules on a non-distro install is still problematic. If you are running on a raspberry pi, you should be able to install and license ClearlyIP’s Cloud Device Manager.

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