OSS Endpoint Manager

Hi all,

We have recently got ourselves some Grandstream GXP2130 handsets.

I was wondering if anyone can tell me if this model will ever be supported in OSS Endpoint Manager?

Currently I am not able to auto-provision this model as it is not supported by OSS endpoint manager.

Many Thanks.

For clarification sakes the developer who worked on OSS moved on to other projects, namely UCP and not the commercial Endpoint Manager. The developer who works on the commercial one is not the same person and the commercial developer has been working on it for about 7 years now.

Similar issue for me; I am wanting to provision Grandstream 2140 phones. It appears that Schmooze Com is moving toward paid modules and have stopped updating the OSS Endpoint Manager. The code appears to have been moved here:
GUI Development: https://github.com/FreePBX/endpointman
Backend Development: https://github.com/provisioner/Provisioner
It doesn’t appear that there is much development happening on it yet, but we can hope!

Schmoozecom never developed OSS Endpoint Manager, never supported it, that is why it does not say Schmoozecom as the publisher. So the thought of them “moving” toward paid modules is completely incorrect.

I have been working for 5 months on completely open source software courtesy of Schmoozecom

Sorry, my mistake. A couple of months ago there was a notice on the update for the OSS PBX Endpoint Manager indicating that it was being moved; I assumed this was related to a change management. I do note that, prior to that notice, the OSS endpoint manager had not been updated since around the time the commercial endpoint manager was released. It certainly appeared that development had stopped and that those working on it had moved on to other projects; I assumed that was to working on the commercial module.

Many thanks to you and Schooze for the support of the OSS modules within FreePBX.