OSS Endpoint Manager Polycom 650 voice quality issue

So we provisioned a few Polycom 650’s and if we use the correct template we get static with voice cutting in and out but if we provision the phone with 601 template voice quality is good but the phone gives error about server_318.cfg and error icon keeps showing on the phone along with no message waiting light.
I thought I would get latest package from provisioner.net but it’s been down since last night something about unable to connect to back end database.
Is there a quick fix for 650 template, maybe its some sort of codec/transcode issue?

Any one using a Polycom 650 that has them working correctly?

I have many IP650 deployed that work fine on various FreePBX versions.

If you check out this post http://www.freepbx.org/forum/general-help/read-before-posting and provide a bit more info on your system we will be better equipped to assist you.

I have FreePBX with OSS PBX End Point Manager that was used to provision phones. The Polycom package is showing last modified 3-18-14 at 6:03pm.
I have set a test extension to disallow all codecs and allow ulaw, awaiting customer feedback if that fixes the issue.
The issue only happens when IP650 is provisioned using firmware SoundPoint/Station/VVX In-Production Models [321,331,335,450,550,560,650,670,5000,6000,7000,500,1500] firmware for SoundPoint IP 601 works fine for voice but breaks other things on the 650 phones.

Is this a Distro install or built by band? Is the static between 2 IP phones or over a trunk of some sort? You need to tell us as much about your system as you can. Try to provide the information that the READ BEFORE POSTING talks about.

This was a download of PIAF purple (no manual installation). The issue is on 650 no matter if another extension is calling it or if a call is coming from a trunk. If we provision the 650 using 601 firmware there is no voice quality issue.

Disabling all codecs in Freepbx and enabling only G711 seems to have helped a bit. Now the sound quality issue occurs on some calls not all calls.
This is what I have with OSS endpoint manager v2.11.53.
PIAF Installed Version = under HARDWARE
│ FreePBX Version = │
│ Running Asterisk Version = │
│ Asterisk Source Version = │
│ Dahdi Source Version = │
│ Libpri Source Version = 1.4.14 │
│ IP Address = on eth0 │
│ Operating System = CentOS release 6.5 (Final) │
│ Kernel Version = 2.6.32-431. - 64 Bit

what version of the 650 firmware is it loading? load the phone and then use the menu key on the phone - go to status - ->platform->application->main

Don’t know if this is the right info but it shows
UC Software Version
BootROM Softwre Version
Is this it?