OSS Endpoint Manager and Polcyom 331

Hey All,

First post here so please go easy one me!

I have setup and installed the latest stable version of FreePBX and am trying to get the endpoint manager to work so my Polycom 331 phones obtains an IP address from DHCP server and then pull the correct config for that phone so no configuration needs to be done manually.

I have added DHCP options to point to the tftp IP (freepbx ip) and the phone is booting and getting the correct IP and looks to be downloading some ‘stuff’ from freepbx as it stays on the “Updating initial configuration” screen for some time then the “running ‘‘sip.ld’’” screen for some time again after that, no errors are given.

The phone boots, no erros as I said however the only settings it’s look to of have pulled in the server IP address for line 1, none of the username or passwords have been passed across and the phone has a RED light next to it in the Endpoint Config Manger.

Clearly I am missing a step! I have spent a good few hours digging and reading old topics but can’t find any info.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Did you configure the IP address of the FreePBX server in the end point manager?

Yup, I’ve’ve now purchased the commercial module, looks like I might of bricked my phone now, am getting the error “Error application not present”

It’s all going downhill!

If you bricked a polycom you wouldn’t see any messages. That message means you dont have your TFTP server setup correctly.

Basically what tm1000 said.

Which DHCP options are you using? 160? I assume the string is tftp://ip.of.your.server ?
Is tftp running on the server? Can you connect to it with a tftp client?

Have you downloaded the software for the 331? In OSS Endpoint Configuration you need to “Install” polycom, then “Install Firmware” for “SoundPoint/Station/VVX In-Production Models” and then “Enable” SoundPoint IP 331 (not sure if those steps are different if you have the commercial module.

Hi Thanks for your help, im fairy sure tftp is working, the phone is uploading a boot log to it.

1204092326|cfg |4|00|Prov|File polycom/0/2345-12365-001.sip.ld was not compatible with the phone
1204092326|app1 |4|00|Image is not compatible with the phone.

I have tried clearing the /tftp/ folder and dumping a few polycom 331 firmware files in there, all of them come up saying the not compatible.

Not sure how i’m to find out what firmware to upload to my tftp server, any ideas?

http://support.polycom.com/PolycomService/support/apac/support/voice/soundpoint_ip/soundpoint_ip321_331.html Has two versions of the firmware packs, split and combined. As per the note on that page, split download file is recommended, but requires that all phones are running BootROM 4.0 or newer.
Basically put the .sip.ld files, and the 000000000000.cfg (which tells the phones which firmware to use) file in your tftp root. I think I’ve only ever had to do that when I was provisioning polycom on an old trixbox server though, pretty sure enabling the phone models in OSS Endpoint Configuration downloads the appropriate firmwares automatically and puts them in the right place for you.

I’ve managed to get this working, no idea how it went so wrong.

For those who have the same issue as me, wipe your /tftp folder and download the “Polycom UC Software 4.1.0 Rev I release sig combined” package and upload it to your TFTP box, this updates your 331 to version 4, you will then need to downgrade again for use with freepbx, to do this download “SoundPoint_IP_Updater_4_5_0B_Downgrader_release_sig” and upload to your TFTP box overwriting the existing files.

Wipe your /tftp folder then uninstall and reinstall the endpoint manager module and assign the correct firmware, all should now be working!