OSS Endpoint Manager error in Package Manager

I know this is an unsupported module, and I’ve already checked the github page for the project, but I’m wondering if anyone has this working on a current system?

When I click ‘Check for Update’, it starts and then nearly immediately generates an error. The specific error is:

“file_put_contents(/tmp/epm_temp/): failed to open stream: Is a directory”

I believe I can fix it, but I’m wondering how far down the rabbit hole it will lead me to get it actually working?

This is for a lab system, so I didn’t want to fork out the $75 for the supported version of Endpoint Manager, but if I can get it working reliably, I might just use this full time!

note: I’ve read several closed posts about OSS Endpoint Manager having issues, but they are all quite old, so I wasn’t sure if that was still true.

It looks like this new version of the module is broken in quite a few areas.

Sounds to me like we need to bring Travis Coates in for OSS EPM.

“It’s time, son. He’s sufferin’.”

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Ok, thanks. I’ll just move along then. :slight_smile: