OSS End Point Manager and existing configs

Greets all

I have a dozen or so Aastra phones (9480, 9143, etc) on an old system (pre any EPM) where I’ve manually created the config files.

On a new system I’m building, when I copy the existing config file for a phone over, the phone boots and reads it’s config file just fine on the new system.

BUT- as soon as I put the device under EPM control, it blows away the existing config and makes a “clean” one with only the extension and none of the customizations from the existing cfg file.

Is there some way to tell OSS EPM to import/use the config that exists and not create it from scratch?


No there is no way to do this. You should just backup and restore the OSS tables

If I follow you, what you mean is I can only “import/use” existing device configurations that have been built under OSS EPM from the start and backed-up therein–

Is that correct?

P.S. Where do I, “… backup and restore the OSS tables” ?

I don’t see that anywhere in EPM?

Is there a doc or guide detailing what util to use? And what files/dir’s to backup?

Thanks again

Yes. Importing configs would be a laborious process.

You can do this through backup and restore. However I guess I don’t understand what you are trying to do. Copy configs for different phones?

Well, if I undersood you, If I recreate all the configs from scratch under EPM, I can then back them up, in order to restore them in the event of a disaster and subsequent rebuild.

The question specifically to that end, is “where” do I do that?

You said through “Backup & Restore”, but in there I don’t see anything related specifically to OSS EPM.

All I see are a few entries under “Servers”, and a few items directly under “Templates”:

I’m not sure where I can instruct backup to make a backup of the “OSS tables” so that I can restore just my phones configs if I screw something up in EPM (or the system crashes).

This is with no experience with Aastra configs but what I’ve done with my Polycoms in OSS EPM is;

Go to Advanced Settings, then Product Configuration Editor. From there you can directly edit the config files that EPM is handing out and make changes, then Save As a new file. In the Template Editor you can then use these new files instead of the default ones.

If you are happy with your current configs, just open up one of the defaults, delete it all and copy/pasta your ones in, Save As, change the Template and job done.

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Right. I see that and it’s what I’m planning to do too. I also have some SPIP550’s and just as point of note, I find the Aasatra config files much “easier” to work with using a text editor and such; the Polycom’s config file is an xml file and much more convoluted IMHO-- of course, using OSS EPM makes that a simpler task…

In any event, as I noted above, I’m still unsure of how exactly to go about backing up the OSS EPM files once I’m all set.

Above, Andrew said, “…You should just backup and restore the OSS tables”, but I don’t see where in “Backup & Restore” I can do this.

Can I ask what you do?

I think the Back & Restore you’re looking at is the one under Admin, which backs up system related stuff but probably not OSS EPM. I don’t think the OSS EPM has a backup function.

If all you want to do is backup a copy of your known, working, customised production configs then probably the easiest solution is copy/paste into a text file and stick it on a network share with a date.

My customised production configs I keep in a document management system - simple copy and paste job out of OSS EPM.

Making assumptions on what Andrew said, perhaps OSS EPM keeps config files in a SQL database, and he is referring to the tables in said database …? I’m not sure where or how OSS EPM stores configuration files, at first I thought perhaps they are just saved directly on the hard drive.

On that side note - yeah Polycom configs aren’t the most friendly looking ones, and I’ve yet to determine why they need so many different files and what each one is really meant for but as with anything, when you spend enough time looking at them (and, looking at them formatted correctly with indents and even syntax highlighting) they start to make sense. Also, as with anything you spend a lot of time with, you start to wish all phones were xml based configs. I also manage a heap of Cisco 794x’s which (depending on model) also use XML configs.

I’m not sure if this would work to do a full backup/restore of the devices:
First, in “End Point Advanced Settings”, “Import/Export My Devices List”, Export CSV file of devices.
Second, backup /tftpboot.

To restore, just put back /tftpboot, and Import the CSV list of devices.

I don’t think it would work though because the OSS EPM “global” template files would be missing from the original backup and therefore a subsequent “rebuild all configs” would break your devices, no?


when I’m trying to open and edit I see - Texto 456…

and it’s is not editable …

also in /var/log/httpd/errors I see this:

client denied by server configuration: /var/www/html/admin/index.html, referer: https://domen_name/admin


ls -la /var/www/html/admin/index.html
ls: cannot access /var/www/html/admin/index.html: No such file or directory