Originating call in CLI?

In just a base Asterisk setup one can originate a call by simply entering the follow, per example:

channel originate SIP/number to dial@+outbound context+ application Playback hello-world

In FreePBX this is not the case and returns an error & warning in the +outbound context+ part.

In fact the system is looking for a host name.

For example
channel originate SIP/[email protected] application Playback hello-world

would return

WARNING[1110][C-00000012]: chan_sip.c:6058 create_addr: No such host: vonage-out

Thanks for any tips & hints!

Try this:

 channel originate local/[email protected] application Playback hello-world

I think you’ve got the syntax a bit confused.

The @context part goes with an extension, not a SIP target. With SIP targets you specify the peer.

I think what you might want is:

channel originate SIP/vonage-out/19165551234 application Playback hello-world

edit: Lorne beat me to the reply; I agree with his solution too.

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Thanks a bunch for the responses.

It did help and work…

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