Originate Command: Channel ID not working

I want to see custom “uniqueid” in CDR database. So wrote the call file following way.

Channel: local/[email protected]
Context: from-trunk17
Extension: + 91XXXXXXXXXY
ChannelId: 159626774590221
OtherChannelId: 159626774590222
Priority: 1
Async: true

However, custom ChannelId is not anywhere in the database. Can you guys guide me to achieve that?

Are you using FreePBX? If so, why not use the from-internal context? AFAIK, It should store the unique ID automatically in CDR.
And if you want something custom, use the accountcode field.

Yes, I’m using FreePBX. I have created a custom dial plan to make some custom actions before sending to from-Internal.

I need to set the unique ID or channelid for both calls subsequently to make the database compatible with another system.

I cannot find other way to set the uniqueid for both calls accordingly.

there is a ‘linkedid’ column in both the cdr table and the cel table, if the two calls are linked in any way, you could likely construct a query based on a ‘union’ between the two tables

I know. But I need to push custom ID.

Feel free to alter the tables with columns of your making , as long as you understand the ramifications if the generally unused userfield is inadequate for you.

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