Originate call from php, play sounds, and receive dtmf

Is there any solution to originate a call from a php script, and if the called extension answered play sound, and ability to receive dtmf signals?


Is there any example for this? Because I couldn’t find any example, how to hang up a call what I originated.

You would typically originate to a context…

An example is shown here:

I write down the scenario, maybe someone has a good idea. I used the alarmreceiver module to get the messages from my alarm system, it works great, it calls a php file and saves the event to mysql. I want that if there is an alarm, call multiple external numbers ans play a sound after hang up the phone and calls the second number etc. I successfully called a number and played a sound with callfiles, but how can I know when the call is finished and call the second number?

Also asked on https://community.asterisk.org/t/originate-call-from-php-and-play-sound-and-return/90105

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