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I’m trying to configure a way to allow users to originate calls from the iSymphony panel that will ring to their cell number. When picked up, the call then dials out to the original number entered.

I’ve found that this is possible in the FreePBX UCP when call forwarding is set, but doesn’t really translate over to iSymphony. I opened a support ticket and was informed this is not a built-in feature, but that you could theoretically “create custom solution in Asterisk dialplan, a
virtual extension that simply calls the cellphone number when originate from. This is just a suggestion and we cannot support such dialplan implementations.”

I created a separate virtual extension, tied it into a test extension in iSymphony admin portal, and set call forwarding. When I try to originate a call, i can select the virtual extension, but I get an error that the virtual extension doesn’t have a bound device.

Any advice or documentation on the best way to set this up?

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It depends if iSymphony is calling the device or the local channel.

The best way would be, if iSymphony can call local channels, that way, you can setup FollowMe with call confirmation so in case the call to your cellphone goes to voicemail, it won’t call the third party.

With that being said, you may try the following:

  1. Setup a custom extension.
  2. Under the Advanced tab, set the dial string to either:
    a. The user’s cellphone, which would be something like:
    local/[email protected]
    b. Another extension with FollowMe to the user’s cellphone, which would be something like: local/[email protected]
  3. Try to originate a call from iSymphony to that custom extension

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