Orange BIV / SIP


Has anyone succeeded in setting up a SIP connexion to Orange BIV 400
It is a french solution by Orange Business including FTTH and 4 voice channels.
Hardware is a Oneaccess router called Livebox Business 240.
With an old PABX Orange provides a digital gateway called PBX Plug for connecting 1 or 2 BRI ISDN.

A SIP solution is available but Orange will only accept and help with a few “supported” PBXs but not Asterisk or FreePBX (the list is below)

Otherwise, any advice or recommended gateway to make 2 BRI out of Freepbx (and then in the PBXPlug back to SIP, as if I still had a PABX).

Thank you

supported by Orange:
Mitel MiVoice 5000. versions R6.3, R6.4, et R6.5 SP1/ALOO
Mitel MiVoice 400, version R5.o
Alcatel Lucent Entreprises OXO, versions R2.0 v33.001 ; R2.1 V030.00T ; R3.0 V039.00T ; R3.0 vos1.001 :
R3.0m VOSl .001 ; R3.1V026006 ; R3.1V026008
Alcatel lucent Entreprises OXE: IPMS 2.3’0TBE R2.3.013.002/0XE Rl2.0 Ml.403.12g; IPMS 2.3.1/0TBE
R2.3.110.004/0XE R12.0 Ml.403.19b; OXE R12.2 I M3.402.22.b; OXE R12.3 I M4.302.25.h, Avaya IP
Office, versions Rto.o.o.3.12 build 21 Rt build 2 et R11.o SP1 CP - .24 build 2
serveur fax Xmedius version 8.0

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