Options Missing In Digium Phones FreePBX Module?

I'm setting up some Digium D40 phones with Asterisk/FreePBX and have encountered some issues with the web GUI module. The screenshots of the Digium Phone FreePBX module on the Asterisk Wiki show a tab-based navigation on the top with ten tabs.  On my FreePBX install, I have right-side navigation with only five options.  Missing options are Phonebooks, Alerts, Ringtones, Phone Applications, and Logos.  Running `digium_phones license status` in the Asterisk CLI returns 'OK, Valid product license found', and the D40's have access to the visual voicemail and other DMPA features.  Are the screenshots on the Asterisk Wiki outdated or is my install messed up?  If the screenshots are outdated, how would I go about accessing the features shown there now?  Thanks in advance for any help!

On the General tab, disable Easy Mode.

Wow, do I feel silly. I thought that Easy Mode had to do with phone provisioning, not GUI. All is good. Thanks for the fast reply!


I found this while searching for an answer to this too, but the problem is after enabling Easy mode, some of the options are gone, like ‘Logo’. Also each extension used to be configurable, now there is no way to edit it from within the DPMA. So how can you add a logo to phones on easy mode…or how can you auto-provision phone without easy mode (so you can change the logo for instance)?

I don’t know Digium Phones at all but I believe the response was to “disable” Easy Mode.

Hi necIts2015. Yes the answer was to disable easy mode, options are back, but then phones won’t bootup and go to their proper extension automatically without it. But I guess this might require a separate forum entry then. Thanks!