Option for memoryhunt ring strategy but for queues

Some quick background. I have a ring group set up for our customer service department. We do not receive a ton of calls and typically 1 employee is responsible for calls coming into that group. The other extensions are only listed in case that employee is away from his desk to ensure no call goes unanswered.

I wanted to configure a Queue instead since it gives more flexibility with announcements during the hold time and breakout IVR (press 1 to page, 2 for voicemail, 0 to return to the main menu) instead of the caller waiting until all extensions have been signaled and then port to a dynamic destination with IVR options.

My issue is that the ring strategies in the Queue module doesn’t include “memory hunt”.
This has worked perfectly with the ring groups, allowing the main reps extension to continue to ring, while it tries the next extension(s).

Linear seemed like the closest option, however it doesn’t include the ability to continue to ring the other extensions. This is preferable since the main rep may still have time to answer the phone if he’s near but not at his desk.

Is there anyway to accomplish this? Allowing the first extension to continue to ring while it trys the next extension as well?

In general, the idea of a queue is that only one person is selected, and that person is the best for its job. That’s the theory, at least :grinning:

One thing you could do is to have TWO queues in sequence: the first queue only has your operator in it; after one minute, it times out and there is another queue (might be RINGALL, or rrmemory) that in turn tries your operator AND the other extensions you use as a backup.

Haha. Yeah, I get that’s the general idea, but it just has more conveniences for the caller than the ring group settings.

Thank you for that idea, that may work for us.

You could use queue penalties to ensure the preferred agent is rung first for every call, but without custom context for the queue, I don’t see how you can get it to keep ringing the first agent.

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