Opticaller/Panaram for FreePBX (Mobile Android / iOS Client)


we look for a FMC and Callback solution for our Company and our customers that FreePBX does not offer out of the box.

Of course we would pay for the app if Sangoma will develop something like this in the future because the “one business number concept” is already very very important in our country.


Does anyone have experience with this app or something that is like this app? We really look for a solution to extend freepbx with mobility support.
A softphone client is not a solution for us, as it does not really work with wifi and 3g in the car while driving.
FMC works because it uses the GSM of the provider and calls trough the pbx.

Nope we have no product like that and no plans for one. In most the world all people want is soft client on mobile phone not call into the PBX then dial the number like the product do above.

Okay in Austria and Germany the big Carriers like Vodafone and T-Mobile pushing a lot of advertisement for this at the moment and all customers here ask for that because its everywhere in the tv now.

“Mobile Phone + PBX -> And only one Phone Number - we combinate both worlds into one System.”

The reason is they want to have only one business number. And the most times

It has also something to do with the new EU Regulation for the end of Roaming at 15.06.2017. Unlimited Free Calls to your home Country inside the “EU”. The customers will save a lot of money when calling through PBX, because the Voip Fee is much cheaper than the fee from Austria to Germany by mobile phone…

@tonyclewis : Do you can recommend a good and not outdated third party solution? I only found these two providers offering that for asterisk.

Nope. It was 7 plus years ago that people did this in the US.

The service that Vitelity provided call VMobile has all but vanished.

Do you know which Bria Product we have to use, to get this working?

I read about Bria has this feature.

Bria does not have this feature.

Mitel has this feature. I cannot believe it :smiley:


I know that this app exists as re branded variant for a cloud PBX Provider which name i don’t want to tell here. But i hope i can integrate this into FreePBX. I already know that more than 10.000 customers are happy with the FMC Solution from them.

Hello mitterhuemer,

OptiCaller solution works great with FreePBX/asterisk based solutions. Callback is good but Data Call Through is great. I worked at OptiCaller some years ago but I’m still a user. Cannot leave without it!!