Opinion wanted on trixbox.org site

As many of you know, many many moons ago the auhor of [email protected] went to work for Fonality and trixbox was born.

Fonality ran it into the ground and took the FreePBX name off and that was the last we have heard from them. The trixbox team has long been let go and for some odd reason Fonality ignored the trixbox.org site.

I have admin priv’s over at the site. I have been cleaning up the spam for 2 years now as some of the archived information was very useful. The spam volume is picking up and the legitimate posts are all but gone.

My question is, should I keep it clean or just let entropy have it’s way and let the spammers post until the site crashes?

I think you should be polite and let them know that they are no longer supported.


I have been doing that for a long time. Just not sure I have the time. I delete thousands of spam messages a month.

Then stop being polite :wink:

Lock the forum so new posts are impossible and inform them about it?
This way threads can still be viewed and spammers have no change. If fonality deciedes to open up the forum again it’s not your problem anymore.That’s what I would do.

Kind regards

I’m with Beone. Lock it down so nothing new gets posted but it’s there as a reference. Then again, it’s so out of date that it’s not even a very good reference any more. Trixbox is long dead and the changes over to FreePBX are so significant that postings on Trixbox are probably more confusing than valuable.


Put it out of its misery…


They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?

Let it die Scott! Let it fill with spam and let them deal with it.

You have done more than enough, gone above and beyond for that company and distro.


Just leave the site, if the owners don’t care, why should you?

You are doing a great job here, why bother with trixbox?

Take care,


I’ve been doing great job on this other site you guys love to hate. My post count is almost 10,000 but I’ve been stuck for the last few months as nobody is showing there anymore. I really miss lecturing clueless users and you know trixbox users are even more clueless than FreePBX users :wink: So I was thinking to myself maybe I should ask over here for your opinion on what should I do ? So, what do y’all think ?

Yeah, there is some of that. However the request was serious, If I stop deleting the SPAM it will be out of control.

Last night over 1000 posts.

The problem is I don’t have the rights to disable posting. I can change content, delete etc. So if I stop deleteing the site will be over run in days.

I’m for locking the site and keeping the archive.

I think just ignoring it is the way to go. Just a question…

Who is in charge at Fonality now. Kind of lost touch with it once Kerry and Andrew left. I guess Kerry is still at 888voip, but what happened to Andrew?


Let it be run over! Maybe then Fonality might “do something”.

Thanks for being honest :wink:

However, the problem is only in your head.
The site still will be searchable using google no matter how much spam will be stuffed there.
You do not need to do anything.

Now all, hail to the (Sky)King ! :wink:

Fonality has interests in addition to trixbox so I can only confine my answeres to trixbox CE.

Kerry is now with Vitelity.

Andrew’s position was eliminanted 2 years ago. I have not heard from him since I drove him to the Airport at Astricon 2 years ago in Washington DC.

Charles Brickner was supposed to keep the ball rolling all he did was post a handful of times. He has not been online in over a year and I never had a dialog with him like I did with Kerry and Andrew.

Battling entropy is philosophically a “good thing”.

Pragmatically, the “good things” buried in that site are entropic in their own right.

Let it blow up . . . .

When it blows up then users of google will have to rely on the site being cached elsewhere.

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