OPINION PLEASE. Vultr? Upcloud? Linode? Others

I would like everyones opinion please - Do you find that freepbx runs best on

Vultr VPS?

Upcloud VPS?

Linode VPS?


Just curious what everyone else is doing and their experiences

I used to have my FPBX on Vultr in London - mainly due to the ease of loading the ISO image.
There were a few latency issues and I just never felt that Vultr was solid enough.

I’ve since moved everything over to Linode a year ago and have never had a problem.
Loading the ISO on Linode isn’t as straightforward though.

Never tried Upcloud.

forget VPS.
Get your own box at OVH for the same price.

VPS’s suck. Who knows what other people are running on the other VPS installed on the same hardware as yours. You want to own the VPS’s that are running on your box. If not some other process on the box can and will bring you down some day.

Digital Ocean works well. There is a special loading procedure to get the ISO there.

You mean Kimsufi?

Step up to a real OVH box. The Kimsufi boxes are ones that were removed from the OVH rack but were still working hardware.
What this and lets talk. https://youtu.be/4e97g7_qSxA

I don’t want to get into a debate and run this topic off-course but an OVH dedicated server is ~£60/month vs a ~£6/month VPS - definitely not the same price…

I like freepbxhosting.com they aren’t as cheap as Vultr, and they are still VPSes, but they have dedicated server options too. Nice support too. One other benefit, since they are Sangoma hosting partners, you get SysAdmin Pro and EPM modules for free with a VPS.

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