Operator Panel & User Control Panel

I can’t enter the Operator Panel, got the message: err_connection_refused
I can’t enter the User Control Panel, don’t know the user and password.
My version:
Thanks for support

Is iSymphony installed and running?

UCP access is controlled in User Management. User must exist, have a password set and must have been granted access to the UCP.

Yes, iSynphony is installed. I see it on the first window after login.
UCP has been solved with your suggestions, thanks!

Still I have problems with Operator Panel.

I think iSynphony is not running. How to start it?

This is the iSynphonyV3 setting window. How should I configure it?


Server API Connection Settings

Server Name:
Use SSL:

I can’t enter the Operator Panel in FreePBX14.0.16.4.Message: err_connection_refused.
iSynphonyV3 is installed, but (maybe) not running ? Looking for help.

sudo systemctl start iSymphonyServerV3

Tnx for info, but still I have problems: err_connection_refused

The command line : sudo systemctl start iSymphonyServerV3 generated the answer: operation ‘iSynphonyServerV3’

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