Operator Panel Options?

I have a couple of FreePBX 12 deployments running Asterisk 13 both of which would benefit from the use of an operator panel. I’ve been waiting for Symphony to release a version that supports Asterisk 13 for a while now and I9 won’t provide an ETA. I know FOP2 isn’t officially supported but should I consider it an option? Are there any other operator panels that work well with FreePBX/Asterisk?

I use and recommend http://fop2.com to everyone that asks, and have yet to hear anything negative. I use it myself, works good, inexpensive and loads of customization available.

FOP2 also has some good technical support, not fast responding but knowelegable.

FOP2 not being officially supported only means, that you won’t get support from Schmooze on it. This doesn’t matter, because you will get excellent support from the FOP2 developer.

I am using it for a 1200 extension environment and it works very well. I have it on FreePBX High Availability, which required a slightly more complicated setup, but the developers helped me out on this.
It is inexpensive and what is really nice is that the developers make a good effort to implement customers’ feature requests. I alone had about 10 of them, which got included in a matter of a few months.
It gets updated frequently too.

However, you need to find out if FOP2 already supports Asterisk 13, not sure about that.

In fact, this “not officially supported” thing scares people off otherwise perfectly useful 3rd party software, which is really sad in my opinion.

Thanks guys–very helpful.

Asterisk 13 is supported in FOP2.

Yes, you can get support for fop2, eventually. It make take weeks or months to get a reply so if that isn’t an issue, great. We have been using it for some time but every now and again it stops working like now where we have not been able to get it to work with Chrome so we are now looking for something else that provides reasonable support.