OpenVPN Yealink Tar File not created

I seem to be having an issue with Sysadmin Pro and the OpenVPN server (May be user error). I have a Yealink T46G and when I setup the extension and the user account and enable the VPN (AutoLink and Create option) the Tar file that is supposed to be generated in the TFTPboot folder is not. When I manually pull down the CFG file from the TFTPboot folder and open it in Notepad++ the field for the OPENVPN.URL is empty. The endpoint manager shows that the VPN client is selected and I have rebuilt the configs.

Asterisk 13.9.1
Freepbx 13.0.163
User Management Module 13.0.69
Sysadmin Pro
Endpoint Manager 13.0.74 (Just Upgraded to this version to see if it corrected it was on 13.0.61)