OpenVPN / VPN Server, no traffic

I’m running distro version 10.13.66-20.

Trying to set up an OpenVPN connection to android. I follow the instructions here:

Then the instructions here:

I’m able to get a connection from my Grandstream phone to the server, and it works great. I can do the same with the windows openvpn client. But the client for android connects and gets an IP, however there is 100% packet loss when pinging across the tunnel. IP scans with android PingTools, nothing gets any tread. The phone shows that some packets are getting across, and the log in the app doesn’t seem to show any errors.

Why would I not be able to communicate over this connection? I don’t know much about VPN troubleshooting. I don’t see much for logs on the server; the client logs are pretty big but I don’t seem to be able to save them off or copy/paste.

Any advice?