OpenVPN is FreePBX Distro

I just upgraded my FreePBX distro to, The upgrade itself was a little bit of a mess but after some work it is up and running and seems to be fine (I had the user management module installed since I am using XMPP (paid module)).

On the status page it now tells me that the OpenVPN service is not running. If I do service openvpn restart it works and I see through RPM openvpn appears to be installed. I can’t access port 943, and I still get the warning.

Since I am by and large using YeaLink phones it would be interesting to try and get OpenVPN running and configured.

Is it installed and if yes why the warning (and how can I configure it), and if it isn’t installed why warn me the service isn’t running?

Thanks for your help.

That warning is because you have sysadmin Pro and sysadmin pro lets you connect a VPN to us for support.

Hey tony, can you create a vpn from phone server, through two firewalls, to a grandstream phone?