OpenVox A400P can't getting it working with FreePBX

Pulling my hair out a bit.

Installed with AsteriskNOW

Have FreePBX running at, DAHDi config running 2.7.0 but for life of me can’t get this card to work. Have 1 x FXO Module installed.

All appears to ok with the card itself, Green light on the port at the back. The card appears in the start up screens as recognised and the DAHDI Configuration within FreePBX shows the FXO Analogue Port but all the configuartion I have tried (creating a trunk, making outbound and inbound routes) just gets me no where.

Inbound it doesn’t pick up, outbound just get a busy signal.

Documentation only shows configuration with Asterisk only not with FreePBX and the various guides I’ve come across seem out of date.

Really would appreciate some help with this.




First of all, you need to make linux see the board and the ports. To do this:

Download DAHDI SOURCES in a working folder.
Untar it, compile (run make), and as ROOT user, install it (run make install).

DAHDI drivers gonna detect your card. To secure this, after DAHDI install run dahdi_scan.

output must look like…

In my example, my A400P have 3 FXO modules (dahdi detects it as TDM400P)

With this ok, only rest to start asterisk, and if its compiled with dahdi support (i think asteriskNOW have dahdi chan compiled) you must be able to, in CLI (after starting asterisk, type asterisk -rv to access CLI) type dahdi show channels and obtain an output like…

The rest (inbound routes, trunks, etc) are in your hands.

Hi All,

I have a similar situation. I have an openvox a400p with one fxo port.

I dont have any voip trunks as yet, just a standard pstn line (supplied by Eircom in Ireland). although I’m fairly technical in other stuff I’m a linux/asterisk Noob…

I’ve just done a totally fresh asterisk now 1.7.1 & freepbx install on a dell box with the a400p installed.

I’ve read the documentation and followed it as far as I can… I think I have an outbound trunk configured, and I’m going to try setting up an IP softphone as an extension. But I’m pretty much at a loss as to where to go from here…

All help gratefully received, and apologies to Pete for piggybacking on his thread.



Just taken a look at the openvox wiki, and saw the instructions for installing the card on Asterisk 1.8 (

But, obviously I’m using AsteriskNOW with FreePBX, and I stumbed through to at least try and install the drivers. Downloaded the dahdi-linux-complete file from asterisk, but during the make process I get the error:

You do not appear to have the sources for the 2.6.18-194.11.1.el5 kernel installed.

Now I’m definately out of my comfort zone!

My Asterisk box is working and in use looking after a number of VOIP phones and am pleased with it so far, this is the next step in hooking the damn thing up to our existing PBX.

Again, much appreciative of any help you can give.


You did compile the driver for the card right?

More than likely not!!! Not an expert on all things linux, stumbling though this. Assumed that the card appeared to be seen by the system.

Can you give me any pointers?