Openreach VOIP changeover

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(Peter Tasker) #1

Good morning,

Just thinking ahead and sorry if this is a dumb question.

In the near future Openreach will be closing the PSTN service and moving all domestic phone services to VOIP.

Currenty I use a Sangoma FreepPBX machine + Sangoma Vega 60G gateway for my FXO PSTN connection. What will I need to change/reconfigure when Openreach make thier change.

Many thanks


(Richard Smith) #2

You need to find a SIP trunk and port your PSTN numbers to that SIP provider. Configuring the trunk direct to FreePBX means you won’t need the Vega.

(Big Joe) #3

Just make sure to avoid BT’s SIP product otherwise you will have a scenario like:

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