OpenLDAP support for user management module

In my organization we use an LDAP directory, implemented using OpenLDAP, to manage users. I do not think we are the only one using this kind of setup for SSO, even if AD is of course more common.
It would be very useful to have user management on freepbx integrated with our SSO infrastructure, is there any plan to implement LDAP as a users source for freepbx?

The AD implementation is technically LDAP. See if it works for you.

I thought LDAP/AD integration was in here already.

AD is a “subset/offset/superset” of LDAP. Like most standards-based, well established, and well understood protocols that M$ adopts, they had to mess with it to make it a profit center for them.

I tried, but with no luck: AD relies on custom LDAP schemas, not the usual posixAccount (rfc2307) schema used in SSO implementations for UNIX systems.
Technically realizing a new driver for openldap should not be an hard task, it should work mostry as the AD one but with some peculiarity:
-no [email protected] syntax for binding, the full dn specified in the configuration must be used
-it should be possible to configure 2 base dn, one for users and the other for groups
-it must be possible to specify a custom ldap filter to get users details (e.g. "(&(objectClass=posixAccount)(uid=$USERNAME))
-it should be possible to specify if group membership follows the memberUid or the memberOf method
-it must be possible to specify wich attributes contain the email and extension of the user

Unfortunately I have no php skill :frowning: