OpenDNS is rejecting traffic from PBX

I updated my Distro 14 yesterday to all the latest modules and now our OpenDNS (Cisco Umbrella) is rejecting some traffic. Is this legitimate traffic that I should whitelist or do I need to investigate further.

Security Activity
Time Resp. Destination Category Identity

12:45:30 Blocked pool​.​sks-keyservers​.​net Malware, Computer… PBX LDAP (pbxldap…
12:42:33 Blocked pool​.​sks-keyservers​.​net Malware, Computer… PBX LDAP (pbxldap…

Yes those are legitimate servers. They are GPG/PGP public key servers used for opengpg which is used as part of module signing. It seems silly that would be flagged.

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side note this should NOT affect signature checking as it should failover.

	// List of well-known keyservers.
	private $keyservers = array(
		"",  // This should almost always work
		"hkp://",  // This is in case port 11371 is blocked outbound
		"", // Other random keyservers
		"",  // Other random keyserver
	); // Yes. sks is there twice.

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