OpenCNAM API V2 deprecated

I understand that the OpenCNAM API version 2 has been deprecated for a while and stopped working recently, tho it may have been reinstated again. We need to update to v3, for the Caller ID Lookup module. If anyone is using OpenCNAM with the CID Lookup module (not Superfecta, that’s already on v3) and is able to test the change to V3, please try:

Locate the file:


and change this line:

$url = sprintf('${CALLERID(num)}?format=pbx&ref=freepbx', $auth);

to this:

$url = sprintf('${CALLERID(num)}?format=pbx&ref=freepbx', $auth);

Save the file and ignore the GUI warnings of a tampered file. Do a few test calls to ensure the lookup works as expected and report the results. Do same in reverse to revert the change if things break.

API docs here don’t indicate that plain text result using format=pbx is supported, but it’s been working fine in Superfecta for years, which makes me think it works but it’s not documented.

Unless something changed recently you also have to move to the new URL for Neustar for V3 API and you have to work with Neustar to get your token for the API. The Neustar portal is a major step back from the opencnam portal.

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