Open Telephony OG's

For those who didn’t make it to FreePBX World the Key Note featured Allison Smith, our own Philippe, and Mark Spencer. These three are a segment of what I would call the Original Gangsters of Open source telephony.

On the Left is Mark. The Creator of Asterisk and the man who started all this madness.

In the middle Allison. She is the voice of Asterisk (and many other things) That lady you hear when your phone system talks to you, that’s her.

On the right is Philippe, When FreePBX was what I would call a “Garage Project” with no real financial backing, this gentleman played pontoon and kept the project afloat.

Some folks may never get to meet or see these 3, but I can tell you they were the keynote speakers for very good reason.

Remember folks we (FreePBX) will be at Astricon and there is a chance you will see these folks there. One other addition Rob Thomas ( @xrobau ) will be there. Rob doesn’t come out of his hobbit hole often so if you can, come to Astricon and meet Rob and the other awesome members of our development team…

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