Open Source Telephony Revolution - Video - ITEXPO Keynote August 2014

Open source communications platforms powered by FreePBX® and Asterisk® have been under continuous development for over 10 years. Today both of these account for millions of installations worldwide; contributing billions of dollars in hardware, software, and services revenue.

During this Keynote Presentation, Asterisk creator Mark Spencer, FreePBX Project Lead Philippe Lindheimer and The IVR Voice’s Allison Smith tell the tale how open source telephony grew from the “necessity of a cash strapped young entrepreneur’s need for a phone system” to today’s billion dollar game changer that was once a vendor locked PBX market place.

FreePBX offers a rich, reliable and well-supported EcoSystem that gives software application vendors, device manufacturers, and service providers the freedom, power and choice to build and deliver revolutionary communications solutions — faster, better and at lower costs.

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