Open Source Pro Tips #6 - Remote Phone Using the Built-in VPN

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(Lorne Gaetz) #1

Another video from @cosmicwombat walking thru the setup of a Sangoma phone using the built in OpenVPN Client.

(Communication Technologies) #2

More in this series would be greatly appreciated!

(Lorne Gaetz) #3

Aiming for about 1 per month. Feel free to make your ideas for future subjects known. I think we should be doing guest videos from the community so if anyone has ideas for videos they would like to make themselves and share, get in touch with me or @cosmicwombat.

(Communication Technologies) #4

Thinking back to my first forays:

  • Network Planning/Provisioning Examples
  • Certificates (Lets Encrypt)
  • Zero-touch provision
  • PJSIP Trunking
  • Responsive Firewall
  • Calendar + Call Flow Control
  • Zulu Softphones (1. Provision the two trial, 2. Popups URL and CRM, 3. Deskphone mode)
  • Queue Wallboard


(Lorne Gaetz) #5

There’s already a vid up for LE certs the Firewall.

(TheWebMachine Networks (Sangoma Software Development Partner)) #6

Video production isn’t exactly in my wheelhouse, but I could maybe give it a go. :upside_down_face:

(Communication Technologies) #7

Maybe @lgaetz or @cosmicwombat can help with the editing.

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