Open Source Lounge 2023

New year, new thread.

The first Open Source Lounge of 2023 is set for a new day/time. Join us on Tuesday, Jan 10 at 7pm Eastern: Sangoma Meet


Reminder that this month’s OSS Lounge kicks off in a few hours.

This month’s OSS Lounge that would normally happen on Feb 14 is cancelled due it’s proximity to Astricon 2023. We’ll reconnect in March.

This month’s OSS Lounge is scheduled for Mar 14 at 7pm Eastern Time. It will be the first lounge since astricon so there’s likely to be some discussion about that, but otherwise no fixed topic at the moment. Drop by and say hi! Sangoma Meet

Reminder of tonight’s Open Source Lounge in Sangoma Meet

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April’s OSS Lounge is this Tuesday. Stop by and say hi …
Sangoma Meet

It’s on a holiday this time, I won’t be able to make it. :expressionless:
See you next month…

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What holiday is on April 11th that makes it so you can’t attend? I’m just curious about which holiday this is.

I hope this doesn’t turn into a discussion about religion… Passover.

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Ahh, I forgot that was a week long thing.

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Tuesday’s OSS Lounge will feature @ghenry (Gavin) who will talk a bit about the security product he’s developing at

Further reading:


Reminder of the OSS Lounge tonight. Come and say hi to @ghenry and learn about SentryPeer. It’s an interesting approach to telephony security involving making an API call on the outbound leg of the call to check the dialed number against a dictionary of known bad destinations.

7pm Eastern at Sangoma Meet

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Reminder of tonight’s OSS Lounge …

Join us Tuesday, May 9 at 7 PM Eastern to lounge and chat!
We hope to see you via: Sangoma Meet

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After our hiatus for the summer, the OSS louge resumes this Tuesday, September 12 at 7pm Eastern time. Join us to chat in Sangoma Meet: Sangoma Meet


:arrow_up_small: :arrow_up_small: Reminder of tonight’s OSS Lounge at 7 Eastern. :arrow_up_small: :arrow_up_small:

Drop by and say hi!

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Last OSS Lounge of the year is tomorrow at 7pm Eastern.