Open Additional Ports With Responsive Firewall

We use FOP2 which uses 443 and 4445. How can I add those to the ports opened by Responsive Firewall on successful extension registration? It seems when I add to “Custom Services” they only allow traffic if I allow “Internet,” which seems a bit unsecure.

How can I open ports ONLY for registered extensions and whitelisted IPs?

Surely SOMEONE has pulled this off. Can anyone point me at some doc? I’m not an IPTables expert and have not deciphered how to go about this.

Responsive firewall is only used for/within SIP and is a Sangoma implementation within the firewall module, which is a commercial module.

It’s not just an iptables thing.

Firewall is NOT a commercial module. If fact they invite community participation. See Firewall - PBX GUI - Sangoma Documentation (

## Licence
The Firewall module is a 100% Free Open Source Module, licenced under the AGPL v3. The code is [hosted on]( with a [mirror on GitHub]( for your convenience. Pull requests are welcome!

I can read the code, I just don’t understand how to include other ports along with 5060 when a phone registers.

The firewall module is only available on the official Sangoma OS distribution. Pretty sure the main contributor to it is Sangoma internally.

In any case the functionality that you are looking for is not present in the current implementation of the Firewall module. The only way to get it in is to ask for the feature or try and contribute the desired functionality to the code base.

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