Op Panel

/var/www/panel/safe_opserver: line 7: 7444 Terminated $FOPWEBROOT/op_server.pl, keeps appearing in the terminal window of my linux box. On a day this will appear roughly 10 times an hour. Also Use of uninitialized value in concatenation (.) or string at /var/www/panel/op_server.pl line 1924. started appearing also. This is appearing about every 5 seconds. Everything seems to be working ok. Any clue what is going on?

the FOP is a project we include with FreePBX but is not the most stable code out there. On a busy system, you are better off not running it as it is known to cause problems and takes a lot of resources. The reason you are seeing the messages is because your started/restarted the FOP and/or did an amportal start/restart from that terminal. When started from a service at boot you won’t see anything. Or you can redirect the output and error to /dev/null.

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