OOH323 Configuration not works

I want to be able to connect to the voip machine in my branch office which using h323 as the machine protocol, i have done the configuration in the oo323.conf as follow

Objective Open H.323 Channel Driver's Config:
H.225 port range:   12030-12230
FastStart           yes
Tunneling           yes
CallerId            asterisk
MediaWaitForConnect no
DirectRTP           no
EarlyDirectRTP      no
Gatekeeper:         No Gatekeeper
H.323 LogFile:      /var/log/asterisk/h323_log
Context:            from-trunk
Capability:         (ulaw)
DTMF Mode:          rfc2833
DTMF Codec:         101
T.38 Mode:          faxgw/chan_sip compatible
FAX Detect:         Cng
Call counter:       0
AccountCode:        ast_h323
AMA flags:          Unknown
Aliaseses :     ObjSysAsterisk

And this is the result of show peers

localhost*CLI> ooh323 show peers
Name             Accountcode      ip:port                  Formats
taipei           ast_h323         xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:1920      (ulaw|alaw)

I have created a custom trunk with custom dial string


And added outgoing route.

However when i am trying to dial the extension, it gave an error in console

res_rtp_asterisk.c:4483 ast_rtp_read: Unknown RTP codec 95 received from ''

What could be the problem?