Only route calls based on CID after the auto attendant (IVR)

Best way to set this up.

I want calls that come in to a specific DDI number to go to an auto attendant (IVR), if the caller presses option 1 then they go to a small call centre. The extension that rings first will depend on the area code that the call came from, (4 areas are covered) if it’s not answered within a couple of rings or if its from a withheld or unknown area code then it will go to the group and ring all the phones or possibly a central ringer where it can be picked up by pressing *8.

I think that I can see how to do this but the only place I can see to send the call to a different extension based on the area code of the CID is in the inbound routes, so if I do all of my setting up using the GUI then I think I’d need to split the calls up into 4 different areas depending on the area code that the call came from, then the calls go to 4 different auto attendants (IVR) (one for each area) each auto attendant would be the same (have the same message, options and the same destinations except for the destinations for option 1) if the caller presses 1 then the call goes to the extension that deals with that area, if they press 2, 3 or 4 then no matter which auto attendant they are in or what the area code is, they go to the relevant destination for that option.

It would be better/simpler I think if all calls could come into one auto attendant (IVR) if the caller presses 1 then I’d need to chose a destination based on the area code of the caller. (Can I do that at this point?) if they press 2,3,or 4 then they go to preset destinations no matter what the area code is.

I hope I have explained this clearly.

Can I set up an extension as a custom device that goes back to an inbound route so that calls only go via that inbound route after the caller has pressed option 1?

Any ideas please

You could try this.

Make multiple new DID/CID pairs (one that you don’t actually use, say 123456 for this example.

Now try making a custom destination in the Custom Destination Registry page that looked something like:


Assuming you have multiple of the same with different CIDs I believe your call should now route with those routes to your different queues.