Oneway audio in g729 calls

Dear Skyjingoh and all others,

I am running freepbx 2.8 with asterisk 1.8. Here is the case:

  1. I have some softphone(eyebeam) registered with my freepbx server.

  2. I have connected Quintum DX2030 Voip GW(codec supported g729AB) with freepbx as a trunk.(g729, alaw and ulaw iallowed)

  3. I have created an outbound route for this truink.

  4. Now I can call from my eyebeam softphone to GSM network.
    eyebeam>freepbx>DX2030>GSM network
    Everything running good with G711 and all suppoted codec other than G729.

  5. The problem is that, when I call in g729 voice codec then I found oneway audio.
    I am not using any license for G729 as in this case I am not transcoding just pass_through the 729.

Please help me out. My head is banging.

Zahid Hasan

Passthrough mode requires a non-natted connection between the Quinton and the endpoint. My guess is the media path is broken.

When using Asterisk as a media proxy in can assist in the NAT Traversal.

Dear SkykingOH,

Thank you for your reply.
There may be problem in eyebeam. Beacuse if I directly call from eyebeam to Quintum, there is also one way audio in 729 codec. Would you please advise me any free sip dialer(729AB/729A) so that I can check this again.

Zahid Hasan

There is no free soft phone that supports g.729